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Reliable AI/ML lifecycle management and real-time execution
for Data driven business and operational decision making
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Inside AI / ML / Data
driven business is democratizing AI and ML by making AI/ML deployment a simple and reliable business process, enabling medium companies and enterprises to easily integrate AI and ML into their businesses and transform their business processes to become truly Data-driven.

Even though AI/ML are very trendy right now, very few organizations have been able to figureout how to integrate these technologies deep into their businesses.

We are building an enterprise platform that will enable medium to large companies to start making use of ML/AI in business critical processes on a regular basis with minimal risks.

Take away the organizational
hassle with AI/ML execution

  • Role-based model lifecycle management
  • Reliable model deployment process
  • Real-time model serving architecture
  • Run hundreds of competing models concurrently
  • Simple real-time pipeline management
  • Real-time data / model validation, monitoring and alerting

Make AI/ML a reliable
business process

  • Actors standardize all the building blocks: I/O, data validation, model execution, pipeline management, metrics.
  • Complex asynchronous pipelines executing in parallel are based on simple and unified logic.
  • Any process or machine may fail, nevertheless the result of the pipeline will be computed and delivered.
  • Different versions of pipelines can be executing in parallel.
  • End-to-end real-time architecture enables reliable real-time deployment and execution of AI/ML models.
  • Smart monitoring and automated anomaly detection uncover problems with upstream data and model degradation early on.

Experiment rapidly. Minimize time to market. Control business metrics

Drive new efficiency.
Deliver new kinds of value has been developed for verticals that are undergoing digital transformation like Banks, Insurance, Payments, Retail, Transportation, Industrial, Investment, IoT, Power, Medicine etc. The platform delivers real-time model management and execution in business processes like credit scoring, fraud prevention, personalization, next best offer, next best action, risk-based authentication, risk-based pricing, maintenance prediction, delivery scheduling, etc.
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Our team

  • Sergey Kedrov
    20 years in fintech, adtech, industrial, analytics, media metrics
  • Pavel Velikhov
    20 years in Enterprise software start-ups, including company acquisition by BEA Systems
  • Pavel Kesso
    Lead DevOps engineer
    Worked on high-load projects at, RHCE
  • Sergey Kuzmin
    Lead Developer
    Data Scientist. PhD, 9 Scientific publications

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